Writing and reading have always been an important part of my life. Before I retrained as a psychotherapist I worked as a University teacher and sometimes-journalist, writing both creatively as well as academically in those two fields.  

As a therapist, I’ve also had some training in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Practices which has helped me to devise my Writing Well and Poetry Koan courses and workshops. Here are some of the topics I’ve written about over the years with links to various pieces. 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Adam PhillipsAddictionADHDAdrienne RichAnticipation AnxietyArtAttachmentBoredomBuddhismBy HeartCognitive DistortionsContingent Self-EsteemControl •  Core NeedsCouples TherapyCreativityCults David Foster Wallace DBTDefusion • De ProfundisDecreationDiagnosisDopamineEarnestnessEmotion RegulationEnid BlytonEscapeEthicsEvolutionary PsychologyExilesExistential KnotsFeel Better StrategiesFlowFOMOFreudFritz PerlsFrustrationGardeningAcademic Gatekeepers • GenderGenerativityGerard Manley HopkinsGratitudeGuided PracticeGuiltHedonic AdaptationHigher PowerHope Hot-Cold Empathy GapInternal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)Kaveh AkbarKindnessPhillip Larkin • Life MapsLiving a Valued Life • LossMaslow MaxMaximizers & SatisficersMeaningMelanie KleinMemoryMindfulnessMoodMuMysteryPartsPatiencePleasurePoetry KoanPositive PsychologyProblemsProcrastinationRefugeRelationshipsRevelationRitual Schema TherapySelf-CareSelf-CompassionSelf-EsteemSemiotics Strategies & ToolsStructureSublimationSuccessThe Paradox of ChoiceThe SuperegoThings My Garden Has Taught MeThomas MertonTranscendenceValuesWaste & Welter • Worry