So I finally got around to reading The Power of Now.

I had studiously avoided the text since it’s publication in 1999. I think because a part of me had made certain assumptions about this book.

Let’s call that part of my mind The Intellectual Snob. The Intellectual Snob had assumed that Eck’s bestseller was nothing but minestrone soup. How could it be a “spiritual classic” in such a short time? Who cared if Oprah Herself was singing its praises – no, this phenomenon was nothing but excessively reheated minestrone soup. End of.

And that’s not good soup by anyone’s standards, that’s soup made up of spiritual bits and bobs, cherry-picked from Eastern and Western traditions, strung together with a snappy, bumper-sticker slogan and delivered in my audiobook format through Mr T’s faintly creepy vocalizations.


Yadda yadda, yawn.

(Forgive the tone of my Intellectual Snob, but that’s how they sound.)

And yet, like many things our judge-y minds tell us we should be scared about, this judgement on my mind’s part was really just a bunch of tired teabags, a wet sock hanging on the line without its partner. Because The Power of Now is really something quite special: modern and yet somehow timeless, distilling (as far as I can tell) the absolute essence of psycho-spiritual life wisdom into a mere 192 pages. Applied and applicable wisdom  – to the max!

It also manages to do this in a way that is somehow (and somewhat) accessible and also somewhat/somehow relatable. And yet its greatest insights are all experiential (as all insights ultimately are). Which is to say: instead of offering us a lot of mind gymnastics, a lot of scrabbling around in future or past selves, let’s aim to find some peace and joy for your right-here-and-right-now self reading these words on your screen.

Wouldn’t it be more pleasurable and interesting, maybe even more fun (?) to just go straight for the good stuff in our lives, by climbing and hiking a certain rugged but also simple and easy-to-follow route?

And that route, fellow seeker, is to…find something. Find something better than what you’ve already got. Why else would you put in time, money, and your precious-but-often-squandered attention into this venture if you weren’t wanting to find something extraordinarily special and thrilling along the way?


I’m not sure 🙂

Because each of these ten week journeys, with each person who has joined me on it so to date, has so far created a number of convergent routes, all of them unique to that individual and their concerns, as well as their Now. The convergence comes from TPON-T being structured around Eck’s text – as each session thematically follows the chapter sequence in the book- but the rest of it will rely on our co-attunement to shifts and flows in energies and synergies with the material being explored.

(No, I’m not sure what that means either, but it sounds good. And it will undoubtedly feel good too. I promise. Or if it feels bad, we will find a way to help you to feel that “badness” as much as needed and then let it go)

All I can say is that your journey will be, if I have anything to do with it, an incredibly warm and stimulating welcome into the art of being consciously human. My understanding of this form of  consciousness is simply our attempt (not always with great aplomb) to be the the least-insane and most enjoyable versions our human-animal selves that we can be.

And also: already are. Paradoxical that one, isn’t it?

And better yet: on this route, you might even get a two for the price of one deal.

For you may become “enlightened” (cue Enlightened, New-Agey music). Whatever that means. We will discuss what that means for you at some point too. Just so that we can then aim you in the right direction.

Alternatively: you may remain un-enlightened, which will be fine too (you’ll see).


The Power of Now is essentially a manual  and a path for being-ok-with-yourself-and-the-world.

Are you OK with yourself and the world at the moment? If you are, in an enduring and applicable-to-all-circumstances way, then you probably don’t need TPON-T, because you’re probably already living it!

And that goes for any self, and any world you happen to find your self in. Even one of (y)our many interpersonal and existential hell realms: anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship and work stress, covid, capitalism, animal extinction, human animal extinction – all covered and accounted for!

The medicine only works though if we do more than just look (as in read the book) or talk about it. Which is why I am offering us an opportunity in our sessions to “hear the Now”, “live the Now”, “speak-from-the-heart in the Now”, in  ways that will echo back into your life profoundly, and undoubtedly into mine too.


If the process doesn’t speak to you in the way we might like it too, if you don’t “get the joke”, we can always just switch midstream with no disruptions to a more conventional talking therapy. You’ll know if it’s working by the second or third session.

I think this course is the quickest route to OK or even good mental health, no matter what your presenting issues might be. For this I will need to tailor things for you to make sure that you get the most from this way of working.

This will involve:

  • An initial consultation in which we talk about some issues you’d like to work on in the next 10 weeks connected to your life and how you’re living these issues at the moment in the very-here and very-now.
  • Then, for the next 10 weeks, the Power of Now Participants (PONPs – you & I) will read at home one chapter (about 15 pages) of the book. Time required: 1/2 hour tops. Maybe a bit more if you’re making notes.
  • In the sessions to follow, you will probably do a bit less (or even much less) talking than you would do in standard psychotherapy. Most of the work will be experiential, with some space at the end of the session to reflect on how insights gained could be usefully mobilized in your here-and-now life, as soon as you step back into it at the end of the session. Follow-up from this will mainly occur in the week through WhatsApp voice notes and consolidations.
  • All the insights and life-lessons you take away with you each week will be generated from your experience of the exercises. I will simply be there guiding and accompanying you on the journey: a ‘Sherpa‘ to your Daring Explorer.
  • On top of everything you might want to get out of these sessions, one explicit goal I would also be carrying (Sherpa) will be to focus on transforming the relationship you have with your self (or better put: your-selves) and the world. Now. Not in the future, and not in the past (although we may want to revisit certain past selves if they have been traumatised in some way and bring in some EMDR-focused presence to help you let go of that pain you might still be carrying around with you.)
  • Also: Death, Sex, and Money – and a few other similarly-flavoured pot noodles.
  • Don’t worry, it’s not just philosophical ramen. It is rather something with a focus on the very real, very here and now, offering useful ways to enjoy and to savour the journey of your life a little bit more.

If you don’t experience measurable clarity, peace, and a renewed sense of joy after taking a punt on PON-T (Power of Now Therapy), whichever session you decide to stop on, the last one after that, just to round things off, is on me!

Think it over, think it under, as Winnie The Pooh might say, and if you’d like to arrange an initial consultation session to talk more about this modality, we can organise that via email or telephone (07804197605).


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