How I Work

It can sometimes be difficult when choosing a therapist to find a clear and concrete explanation of the theories and ideas that shape their practice. As psychologists and therapists we can sometimes hide behind jargon or vague ideas which don’t really tell you that much about how each practitioner understands mental processes or how their treatment might lead to a greater sense of well-being.

For this reason, I’ve sketched out below FIVE FACTORS which I have explored, researched and worked on with hundreds of clients and patients from all walks of life over many thousands of clinical hours.

My goal is equipping you to thrive with greater self-awareness and inner peace. While these principles guide me, adaptability is essential. Each person deserves custom care, just as any recipe needs ingredients adjusted for perfect flavour.


We all have a unique personality that shapes our perception. By compassionately exploring your personal traits, habits and inner critic, we can discover what causes suffering for you. Rather than judging parts of yourself, our joint journey supports self-acceptance and freedom.

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You’re here seeking support with a situation where you perhaps feel stuck or distressed. My purpose is to partner with you, contributing an outside vantage point to gain some distance and understanding with regard to whatever is distressing you. The key to therapy is listening to you without agenda, empowering you towards clarity and peace. Even if we think alike, a listening ear can reveal new solutions.


Managing daily stresses fluidly is crucial for wellbeing. We’ll collaborate to recognize intense emotions and cultivate responsiveness rather than reactivity. Our goal is expanding your skills for tolerating distress and accessing positive, grounded states. With practice, you can gain greater flexibility in managing the emotional or cognitive “weather patterns” that make up your inner landscape.


Sometimes present struggles originate in overwhelming life events. If trauma burdens body and mind, we can utilize gentle techniques like EMDR or other forms of trauma-focused therapy to process memories and rediscover inner resilience. We’ll proceed with care and sensitivity, aiming to support integration and renewed self-compassion.


Crises often signify opportunity for growth. In our work together, let’s embrace self-reflection to clarify your core values. Where does your energy thrive? What enriches your daily life? Our work will hopefully foster embodying your values through intentional investments of time and attention. With commitment, the path ahead comes into focus.

These five factors might seem a little bit overwhelming to begin with, especially when we just want to get some clarity on our lives and start feeling better. For this reason, it’s important to make sure we use these different ingredients in ways that are most useful for you, both in the short and long term.

As with any recipe, one can make a very simple and delicious dish in 50 minutes, but we can also cook up something together that is sustaining and beneficial for you beyond whatever number of sessions you choose to have.

Please feel free to get in touch either by email or via telephone/Whatsapp (07804197605) if you would like to find out anything else about me or the kind of therapy I offer.