Counselling/Coaching vs. Psychotherapy?

I offer two slightly different services


a21. Counselling & Coaching:  Counselling and coaching can be very useful when we have a particular difficulty we want to deal with or when we are reacting to a distressing or stressful event. Even just a few sessions can often be extremely helpful. Forms of therapy that I use most when counselling and coaching are ACT, CBT, and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy).

2. Psychotherapy Psychotherapy works in a similar way to counselling, but often involves a more in-depth exploration. For this reason, it’s best suited for deep-seated issues that you might have been struggling with for quite a while, and especially if you have experienced some form of trauma in your life. Forms of therapy that I use most for this work are: ACT, MBCTInternal Family Systems (IFS) & Schema Therapy, Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytic Therapy, and EMDR.

What unites all the modalities I use is that they are all evidence-based and process-based. What does this mean?


The word therapy means “to heal or cure”. Another word that perhaps sums up this process is “change”. Something in your life or my life might strike us as being “off” in some way, or just “not working” as we might want it o. And so we look to a kind of therapy (in this case psychotherapy) in order to help get us back on track.

If you have a look at a list of the most useful treatments for human suffering (i.e. psychological therapies that have been shown to have the greatest efficacy) for different conditions you will see that the main modalities I offer cover a good number of our human struggles.

Evidence-based therapy simply means that both qualitative research (asking a small group of people in-depth questions about how they feel about their lives after undergoing therapy) as well as quantitive research (studies that monitor thousands of people over an extended period of time) show that the therapies I use really do help people to feel better in the long run.


Process-based therapy means that the methods I use are based on over a century of research on human psychology in a bid to understand what makes us tick. We are getting very close to understanding the core processes of human psychology. Of course we’re all unique and all bring our own particular brand of humanity to bear on these core processes, but without a very clear understanding of core psychological processes, we are all but fumbling in the dark. It would be a bit like a doctor treating you without being able to know what’s going in your blood, or without having the ability to do X-Rays or ECGs. Unfortunately, a number of therapists still work in this somewhat blind way.

For a more in-depth synopsis of my integrative therapeutic approach, please have a look at this page: How I Work.

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