Enneagram Personality Types

The Ladder of Being for an Enneagram One

In this podcast, I take a deep, DEEP dive into all things One, trying to give an overview of how the Enneagram Type One Personality might shows up in our lives as a kind of continuum (or ladder) of psychological and spiritual health.
I call this “The Ladder of Being”, which ranges from the upper rungs where we are at our “best” as Ones, to the the lower rungs where we suffer the most as Ones, and are also more likely to cause suffering to others.
The nine rungs of this Ladder of Being can be subdived into three sections.
On the Upper Rungs we find these Contented Ones:
  • The Wise Realist
  • The Reasonable One
  • The Principled Teacher
On the Middle Rungs we find these Conflicted Ones:
  • The Idealistic Reformer
  • The Orderly Person
  • The Judgemental Perfectionist
On the Lower Rungs we find these Suffering Ones:
  • The Intolerant Misanthrope
  • The Obsessive Hypocrite
  • The Punitive Avenger
I hope that by joining me as I climb up and down this One Ladder with you, you will become not only familiar with the light and shade of us Ones but also get a sense of where we might wish to develop in terms of our “Life Game” or journey.
Feel free to get in touch in order discuss further your Finite and Infinite Games as a One – I always enjoy receiving and responding to mail: