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“The Essay That Wrote Itself” for Essay Daily.
“The Sound of You, Here and Now” for Medium.
Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely” for Better Magazine.
Flash Fiction: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places” for Thresholds
The Human Reading Beings of London and New York” for The Huffington Post
Ten Ways of Looking At The Short Story in 2012” for Thresholds
Across The Way” for The Reader 
Kiss-Kill” for Liar’s League
Stargazing” for The Guardian
Just open wide and say SARS” for The Guardian
Classroom rocks with the return of the King” for The Guardian
Mr Biscuit” for The London Evening Standard
 “Best European Fiction 2012“  for The Short Review
The New Uncanny” for The Short Review
Singles Night at The Freud Museum?” for Epoch
Rise & Fall of the Salsa Mafia” for Word Magazine
You Do Not Have To Walk On Your Knees” for London Insight
“Music and trauma” (2015): The relationship between music, personality, and coping style.
Larkin’s Lonely (K)nots” (2011): An exploration of the interactions between the affective, cognitive, and behavioural characteristics of loneliness, as gleaned from an analysis of Philip Larkin’s life and writings.
The First Assignment” (2003): Traversing Academic Gates & Gatekeepers.”
Gardening/Life: What gardening (with a bit of positive psychology on the side) can teach us about life and living.
Read Me Something You Love: Writers read me a piece of prose or a poem that they love. We then probe into their selection to see what it tells us about their work/psyche.  
Interview with Sarah Hall for Thresholds/Small Wonder
Interview with Margaret Drabble for Thresholds/Small Wonder
Interview with Joseph O’Connell for Thresholds/Small Wonder
Interview with with Michèle Roberts for Thresholds/Small Wonder
Interview with David Vann for Thresholds/Small Wonder
Interview with Deborah Levy for Thresholds/Small Wonder

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