Feel Better

Snapshot of An Enneagram Type Two

Here’s a snapshot of you, Participant Two. If you are a True Two, you should be able to identify with a lot of these features. 

As a Type Two Participant… 

  • You focuses a great deal of your attention on relationships and how others respond to you.
  • You worry about whether others like you or approve of you.
  • You tune in to the people around you to sense how they feel and what they like, and then might feel the need to shape-shift in order to align with them and create positive rapport.
  • You habitually anticipate what others may need, especially those who are important to you.
  • You sometimes have a difficult time knowing what you need however and find it hard to ask for help.
  • You want to be liked by others and to be important to the people who are central in your life.
  • You make positive connections with others, but are often quite selective when choosing those you want to be close to. Although you want everyone to like you, some people are more important to you than others.
  • You believe you can make others like you through being charming (as you often are) or generous or supportive/helpful in some way.
  • You specialize in being friendly, upbeat, and positive (even though you might not feel that way inside), and you take pride in being someone on whom people can count.