Feel Better

Travailler, Toujours, Travailler

This injunction (“Work, always, work”) is one that the poet Rainer Maria Rilke imbibed after spending some time with that titan of modern scultpure, Auguste René Rodin.
Rilke (an Enneagram Four with Five wing) utilised this advice from Rodin (a type Eight) to pull himself out of procrastination and other forms of dilly-dallying wtih regard to his own work.
But what does it mean to “travailler, tojours, travailler” with regard to getting ourselves more embedded in the world and in those pursuits that are meaningful to us? How to get ourselves out of rut, which is often how if feels, of having a vague idea of what we should do next, but having no access to the energies that will lead us more explicitly towards our goals?