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Our First Steps Together: A Connecting Conversation to Nurture Meaningful Exploration

Finding the right therapist to work with is a deeply personal and important decision. More than credentials or techniques, it’s about connecting with someone who truly understands you and with whom you feel comfortable. That’s why I am pleased to offer an initial 50-minute Connecting Conversation entirely free of charge.

What is the Connecting Conversation?

The Connecting Conversation is an opportunity for us to meet and see if we feel a resonance that we can build upon in a therapeutic relationship. This session isn’t about diagnoses or quick fixes; it’s about two human beings meeting and exploring the potential of working together and continuing to talk in this way on a weekly basis.


Contact me, and we’ll find a suitable time for our session. This offer is available during my regular working hours until I’m fully booked.I offer appointments for private clients from Monday to Friday, with options available both during the afternoon (1-3pm) and in the evenings (6pm and 7pm), ensuring flexibility to suit your work and life commitments.


Before our meeting, please take a moment to review the “How I Work” page on my website. This will give you an overall sense of how I integrate different methods into my practice.

Next, I kindly request that you complete two initial assessments, which should take approximately twenty minutes in total. In addition, I’ll send you a slightly longer assessment that you can complete at your own pace, dedicating as much or as little time as you see fit.

1. A 10-Minute Personality Test: Gain insights into your personality style, core motivations, fears, desires, and patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Think of it as an exploration into what I like to refer to as The Zoo of You.

Once you’ve done the test, please send me screenshots of your results on WhatsApp.

2. A 10-Minute Hypnotic Induction Profile (HIP) Assessment: Uncover your mental adaptability and investigate your suitability for therapeutic approaches like hypnotherapy, as well as other methods for personal transformation. Your HIP assessment will also provide a deeper understanding of “The Zoo of You,” shedding light on how you naturally navigate altered states of consciousness in your current life circumstances, both positively and negatively. Intrigued by the process? Watch a brief, enjoyable video demonstration led by a respected expert, offering you a firsthand glimpse into its functionality.


A Personalized Reflective Questionnaire:

Using your personality test results and HIP style as a basis, I will then create a reflective questionnaire specifically tailored for you. This exploration is more than an analysis of your character; it’s an invitation to delve into the deepest parts of your heart, soul, and mind.

This questionnaire will be sent to you as a Google Doc so that you can write directly onto it. Treat it as you would a journaling exercise, a way to connect with yourself and pinpoint your own ‘existential burning questions’, those particular areas—sometimes painful or challenging—that you wish to explore in therapy. This method will helps us to move beyond mere surface-level understanding, paving the way for a truly meaningful conversation.

Could you please ensure to complete all of the above and send it to me by midnight, the day before our Connecting Conversation so that I have some time to look through all of this before we meet.


During our first 50-minute Connecting Conversation, the insights gathered from these assessments will guide our discussion, focusing on your individual needs and potentials.

If you’re open to it, we can also record the session as an MP3 (please let me know your preference in advance, so we can coordinate). This recording will transform our conversation into a tangible marker of your therapeutic journey. It will not only commemorate your starting point but also become a reference to reflect upon. Rest assured, all recordings will be stored securely and erased after our work is done.

Afterwards, there’s no obligation to continue. However, if you feel comfortable with my approach and we agree that it aligns with your needs, we can then plan to commence with regular weekly sessions at your convenience.

This personalised method ensures that our potential ongoing work together is built on a meaningful connection, laying a strong foundation for a unique and substantive dialogue.

Scheduling and Continuity

Please have a look at this page on my website for information regarding my address, fees, payment and cancellation details (for future sessions) as well as options for doing our sessions online.

When scheduling your Connecting Conversation, please carefully consider your chosen time for having it, as this day and time will most likely become our regular weekly appointment slot, should you wish to continue with therapy.

Like many therapists, I work with clients on a weekly basis, emphasising continuity and consistency. This approach aligns with standard professional practice, including typical cancellation charges. Some flexibility may exist, but the preference is for individuals who can adhere to the same day and time on a weekly basis. Please note that the overall duration of therapy isn’t set from the outset; but will rather reflect your needs and how our therapeutic process progresses.

If this current structure isn’t the right fit for you now, keep in mind that you’re always welcome to schedule a Connecting Conversation when it feels right for you and you are able to commit to this kind of therapy schedule.

Why Offer This for Free?

I’m committed to making therapy accessible while balancing the need to sustain my practice. I believe in the importance of compatibility and resonance. This free session allows you to experience my approach and will hopefully also provide some valuable insights for your life, without any financial risk.

Who is This For?

If you’re curious as well as serious about therapy, seeking clarity, or simply want to find the right fit with a therapist, a Connecting Conversation can be the starting point for our potential work together.

My Assurance

This offer to have a Connecting Conversation represents my dedication to invest in our relationship from the very beginning. Your commitment to self-understanding, combined with my desire to assist you, will hopefully create a strong foundation on which to build.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to schedule a Connecting Conversation or if you have any further questions.