Feel Better

The Yearning For Uniqueness

When we are in The Fourth Dimension of human, we are on a quest for our unique self, often defining our identity through our pursuit of originality. This forms a pattern in our personality, where we yearn for originality as a means to connect with our true self.The real quest however, if well-being is our goal, is not to stand out, but to uncover the source of our identity. Genuine originality isn’t self-focused but stems from our inner core.

Our creativity mirrors the multitude of qualities within us, expressing a universal rhythm of creation that shapes the universe. As Fours, we may feel a need to stand out, but our specialness lies not in our ego, but in the various facets of our spiritual nature. Our desire to feel special reflects our quest for our true self, indicating what might be obscured by our own stories and perceptions.We sometimes dramatize our authenticity and originality, yearning for attention and validation. Yet the core of authenticity is simplicity.

When we are truly ourselves, we won’t need to draw attention or stand out. The contentment of just being will be fulfilling. However, we may still feel a need to be recognized, often through expressions of drama, art, dance, poetry, or maybe even producing some really good computer code. While these can be profound ways of self-expression, the closer we are to our true self, the more meaningful our creations become. Identifying these patterns can lead us towards self-liberation, offering greater joy, freedom, and true authenticity.

Uncovering our essential identity can be a challenging journey. It involves peeling back layers of self-perception, with each layer revealing a deeper understanding of who we are. This process can bring forth a sense of vulnerability, unmasking our need for validation. It can also expose our dependence on others to affirm our identity. This is a sensitive process that may require the guidance of someone we trust, or a therapist.

Confronting the constructed nature of our identity can lead to a sense of disorientation and loss, as if we are devoid of a real sense of self. Despite the discomfort, it’s vital that we stay with this feeling. This discomfort can transform into a peaceful spaciousness, free of suffering.

In this calm void, the light of our true identity may emerge. This illumination may reveal our true self, offering a certainty of who we are, free to be ourselves in the here and now.As we realize and embrace our true identity, we become liberated from the limiting patterns associated with being the Ego Cage. Our authenticity begins to shine naturally, without the need for external validation and we become original simply by being ourselves.

In this way, we can live freely, unburdened by the need for recognition. This is our true inner freedom. It’s about fully inhabiting the present moment, as the authentic, special, and original individuals we happen to be.